You Can Use A Balcony The Whole Year Round

At Apklife Studio, we help people create and transform their balconies.

Balconies Are Coveted Apartment Perks

They make it easy to get some fresh air without leaving the comfort of your own home, and they’re great entertainment spaces during the warmer months.

When landscaping, paving and outdoor lighting are harmoniously combined, you can create an inviting, design-forward, aesthetic balcony.

Selecting Style for Your Balcony

Eclectic Design

If your home has a more eclectic style, Moroccan themed balconies are popular. Create a space that’s filled with bright colours, such as pinks and greens. Deep jewel tones are also popular for this home design style. Use over-sized cushions as seating and gold accents in the form of baskets and light fixtures to create an exotic getaway on your balcony. Natural wood tones are the perfect background to support the rich colours.

Urban Charm

If your balcony is the meeting place between quaint charm and industrial style, bistro-style seating is a perfect choice. This is the perfect match for a home that has a brick exterior and wrought iron railings. The bistro-style table and chairs can either be wrought iron or powder-coated steel. This creates a space that is a great place to catch up with friends while enjoying the nice weather.

Modern Design

If you want a modern balcony, keep things simple! The colour schemes are usually black and white, with one or two pops of bright colour in the outdoor cushions. The furniture is defined by simple shapes and kept to a minimum. The defining characteristic of modern design and minimalism is open space!

Choose the Right Flooring For Your Balcony


If you choose to use lumber, you will have to go through a deck restoration process every other year or so. However, you will be able to stain the wood to match any traditional home design. Composite will give you less flexibility in colour, but will essentially be maintenance-free. You can also use interlocking decking tiles. These are easily installed as a DIY project and can be combined with other products, such as pea gravel, to create a space that is unique.


If you have a concrete balcony and want to add some flair to the drab stone, use a concrete stain. There are two different types of stain: reactive and nonreactive stains. The reactive stains are acid-based and will react with the concrete to give you a one of a kind marbled floor on your deck. The colours will be limited to natural earth tones, such as browns and greens. Some of these stains contain metallic salts that will catch sunlight hitting your balcony. Nonreactive stains are water-based acrylics and are more like paint. They have a much wider range of colours and are easier to apply. They won’t be as unique as a reactive stain but will be just as beautiful.

Types of Balconies

True balconies

Composed of a deck floor and a rail, these true balconies can be walked upon and should be able to hold a reasonable amount of balcony furniture, plants and people.

False balconies

False balconies should support the partial weights of those standing inside the dwelling who lean upon the rail as they take in some fresh air. False balconies are intended for lighting the dwelling interior and extending it into the outdoors.

Faux balconies

These faux balconies usually have just a rail and no deck floor. The rail covers a window or doors. With the lack of a deck floor, faux balconies generally could not be mistaken for true balconies, as false balconies could be.

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